Designing a practical, cost effective presence . . .

Living Life in a BlurMaking the decision to develop a website is only the first step. Creating an effective presence is crucial to success whether it be a business, a social club, an organization or a personal endeavor.  In this fast paced world, life often passes by in a blur.  Getting noticed is hard and first impressions are important.  Those first moments of contact need to say a lot about how you will treat your customers, visitors and friends. 

Meadowbrook Designs specializes in websites for:

  1. Small  businesses
  2. Social Clubs and Organizations
  3. Horse farms, stables and equestrian clubs

Making that first step  . . .

It is an understatement that the first step is the hardest, and Meadowbrook Designs can ease the way with small steps and realistic suggestions.

Simple, Straightforward, Effective . . .

We will work with you to design just the right website, starting with a basic design and tailoring it to your vision.  We can offer a practical approach that will guide you down the road to success.  Our focus is on turning your ideas into a viable, finished product that will effectively represent your business, club, organization or farm.  

Visually pleasing, easy to navigate, straight and to the point ... our goal for you !

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